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The Latest Words • July 2014
AlphaDictionary is constantly adding to its Historical Dictionary of American Slang. We now have over 2500 carefully selected, carefully researched words from English slang going back to 16th century England, slang brought to the America by our ancestors. Our Historical Dictionary of American Slang will tell you the meaning of a slang word, its grammatical category, give an example and the approximate decade in which it was introduced. You can search for a word, a meaning (look at all the ways we have said "leave" over the centuries), or a decade. Just type in the decade you are interested in (e.g. 1950) and the dictionary will tell you all the slang terms introduced during the 50s! You can also test your slang to see which decade it places you in with our Slinging Slang quiz.
Word POS Definition Example Year
addlepate n A stupid or foolish person. That addlepate Lucinda Head thinks the Gettysburg Address was where Abraham Lincoln lived. 1600
addlepated adj Stupid or foolish. Politics are so addlepated these days I've switch it off. 1610
barnacles n Glasses. They all had barnacles with handles. 1560
bellyache v Complain. Stop bellyaching and get to work! 1880
biddy n A middle-aged woman. A bunch of old biddies kept us swell guys away from the girls. 1780
blotto adj Drunk. Smedley came home blotto so often, it was a month before he realized his wife had left him. 1910
blue-blood n Rich, upper class. Portia Carr is such a blue-blood herself she only talks to other blue-bloods. 1850
booby-hatch n An insane asymlum. Donny Brooke should be put away in a booby-hatch somewhere. 1720
bounder n A bad, mean man. Phil Anders is such a bounder; he just won't leave women alone! 1570
bug off v Leave, say good-bye. Why don't you just bug off! 1970
bugaboo n Something that frightens you. You aren't worried about that old bugaboo, taxes, are you? 1740
bugbear n Something that frightens you. You aren't worried about that old bugbear, taxes, are you? 1580
bumbershoot n Umbrella. Don't forget your bumbershoot; it looks like rain. 1890
butterfingers n Someone who drops things. You are such a butterfingers; you drop everything you pick up! 1830
buzz off v Leave, say good-bye. Why don't you just buzz off and stop bothering me? 1910
card n A witty showoff. Francis is such a card. Which one? The joker. 1830
chatterbox n A loquacious person. Lucinda is such a chatterbox nobody can get a word in edgewise. 1770
cheapskate n A stingy person, tightwad. Prudence Pender is a cheapskate who keeps a combination lock on her purse. 1890
chisel v To swindle, cheat. Les Cheatham chiseled me our of my allowance for the week. 1800
chisler n A swindler, a cheat. Les Cheatham is the chisler who sold me this junker. 1800
cinch n Something very easy to do. Changing tires on a car is a cinch. 1880
claptrap n Nonsense. Lucinda Head thinks climate change is just so much claptrap. 1720
classy n High-class, tasteful. Portia Radclyffe is too classy to take out to a diner. 1870
cockamamie n Nonsensical, crazy. Cars that drive themselves? I've never heard such a cockamamie idea! 1860
dickens n Emphatic interjection. What the dickens do you think you're doing?! 1590
dilly-dally v To waste time. Hurry up! Don't dilly-dally! 1740
dimwit n A stupid or foolish person. That dimwit thinks the Gettysburg Address is where Robert E. Lee lived. 1920
dingbat n A stupid or foolish person. Archie Bunker always called his wife a dingbat. 1910
dolt n A stupid or foolish person. Simon is a dolt who thinks Finland is an aquarium. 1540
fathead n A stupid or foolish person. That fathead thought Moby Dick is a social disease. 1940
fiddle-de-dee int Nonsense! Fiddle-de-dee! You can't run a mile in four minutes! (I doubt your car could, either.) 1780
schnook n A sucker. You can always find a schnook to sell that old crate of yours to. 1940
schnozz n Nose. Ferlin has trouble kissing because his schnozz gets in the way. 1940
schnozzola n Nose. Marvin would be handsome if he had less schnozzola. 1940