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So, What's the Good Word?
Put Dr. Goodword's Words on your Website
How would you like to offer Dr. Goodword's daily Good Word to the visitors to your website? Now you can. Just follow these simple steps:
  • place your cursor anywhere in the box below;
  • push Ctrl and A at the same time to highlight the entire area;
  • copy the highlighted area (Ctrl + C);
  • paste the copied code into the code of the page on which you would like to offer Dr. Goodword's daily Good Word (Ctrl + V).
The result will be the box on the left with links to the most recent five Good Words, as you see there. If you would like different colors, you may modify them yourself or e-mail us your color codes via our contact page and we will send you a customized box. Please do not remove the copyright text.

Add the Good Word to your Google homepage: Add to Google

Add the Good Word to your Yahoo homepage: Add to Yahoo