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Word Meaning Eponym
kafkaesque Irrational and terrifying. Franz Kafka (1883-1924), Czech author of bizarre, labrynthine, terrifying stories.
kaiser A German king or emperor. A Germanic variation of Caesar. (See also czar and tsar.)
kayser A measure of wave length equal to the wavelength divided by a centimeter. Heinrich Gustav Johannes Kayser (1853-1940), German physicist known for his work in sound and spectrum analysis.
kelvin A unit of absolute temperature equal to 1/273.16 of the absolute temperature of the triple point of water. William Thomson Kelvin, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824-1907), the Scottish physicist who developed the Kelvin temperature scale of temperature.
kleenex A soft facial tissue. A trademark of a dispensable tissue owned by the Kimberley-Clark company.

A carbon arc lamp used in movie-making. John H. (1869-1959) and Anton T. Kleigl (1872-1927), American motion picture lighting experts.
klondike A card-game played alone, the object being to see how many cards can be laid on a row of aces, following sequence and suit. Named for the Klondike, the river and region around it in the Yukon territory, Canada, the scene of a gold-rush of 1896.
knickers 1. (US) Pants with legs cut off and gathered just below the knee, often worn by golfers. 2. (UK) Women's underpants. Short for knickerbockers, for the family Knickerbocker in the fictitious History of New York by Washington Irving (1783-1859), shown wearing baggy pants with legs gathered just below the knee in the illustrations by George Cruikshank.
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