Word Meaning Eponym
• W •
watt A unit of power equal to 1 joule per second. James Watt (1736-1819), Scottish engineer and inventor who made critical improvements to the steam engine.
weber A unit of magnetic flux equal to 100,000,000 maxwells. Wilhelm Eduard Weber (1804-1891), German physicist known for his research into magnetism and electricity.
Wedgwood A British pottery design. Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795), the British potter who originated the design.
Wednesday The fourth day of the week, between Tuesday and Thursday. Woden, god of wisdom, culture and, of course, war.
wellington, welly A rubber boot. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), British soldier and statesman.
wisteria A decorative vine with hanging grape-like clusters of lavender flowers. The botanist Thomas Nuttall named the genus Wisteria in honour Caspar Wistar (1761-1818), a Philadelphia physician and teacher who introduced many innovations into the teaching of medicine.
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