IMglish and chat lingo glossary
N And
N In
N/A Not Applicable
N/A Not Available
N/M/H Nothing Much Here
N/P No Problem
N1 Nice One
N2M Not Too Much
N2M Not To Mention
N2W Not To Worry
N8KD Naked
NADT Not A Darn Thing
NAL Nationality
NAZ Name, Address, Zip
NBD No Big Deal
NC Not Cool
NC No Comment
NCZ No Capture Zone
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
N-E-1 Anyone
N-E-1ER Anyone Here?
NETHNG Anything
NEWAY Anyway
NFIAH Never Fear, I Am Here
NFL Not Freaking Likely
NFW No Freaking Way
NG New Game
NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
NKZ No Kill Zone
NLT No Later Than
NM Nevermind
NM Not Much
NM Never Mind
NMH Not Much Here
NMJC Nothing Much, Just Chilling
NNITO Not Necessarily In That Order
NO1 No One
NOBMR None Of My Business, Right
NOMB None Of My Business
NOTTOMH Not Off The Top Of My Head
NOYB None Of Your Business
NP No Problem
NRN No Reply Necessary
NS No Stuff!?
NSISR Not Sure If Spelled Right
NT Nice Try
NT No Thanks
NTK Nice To Know
NUFF Enough Said
NUFN Nothing
NUIGB Not Until I Get Back
NVM Nevermind
NW No Way
(-: to the Emoticons :-)