IMglish and chat lingo glossary
P/W Password
P2P Peer To Peer
PA Parent Alert
PAL Parents Are Listening
PANB Parents Are Nearby
PANS Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PAW Parents Are Watching
PCID Putting Clothes In Dryer
PCM Please Call Me
PDA Public Display Of Affection
PDS Please Don't Shoot
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
Peeps People
PG Pretty Good
PHAT Pretty Hot And Tempting
PIMP Pee In My Pants (Laughing)
PIR Parent In Room
PITA Pain In The Aspic
PITN Pain In The Neck
PJDWYS Personal Joke, Don't Worry Yourself
PL Playlist
PL Punch Line
PL Pig Latin
PL& Planned
PLD Played
PLMK Please Let Me Know
PLS Please
PLZ Please
PLZRD Please Read
PM Postmeridian
PM Private Message
PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMP Pee(d/ing) in My Pants
PMWOF Putting More Wood On The Fire
PO Push Off
POAHF Put On A Happy Face
POC Point Of Contact
POS Parent Over Shoulder
POS Power Of Suggestion
POTC Peck On The Cheek
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
POV Point Of View
PPL People
PRL Parents Are Listening
PTB Powers That Be
PTM Please Tell Me
PU PeeYuu--That Stinks
PUKS Pick Up The Kids
PUSIMP Put Yourself In My Place.
PW Password
PWOF Putting Wood On The Fire
PYSIMP Put Yourself In My Place.
P-ZA Pizza
(-: to the Emoticons :-)