Miss Spelling's Spelling Center

Hello! Spelling's my name and spelling's my game!Welcome to Miss Spelling's Spelling Center where the focus is on spelling and pronouncing words correctly. The Spelling Center is the largest on the net devoted to the problem of the misalignment of spelling and pronunciation in the English language: articles, poems, lists, and tests to help you master the most problematic words in the language. Just select your current interest from the menu below. Read through the lists of misspelled, mispronounced, and often confused words first, paying attention to the mnemonic (memory) devices we offer to help you remember how these words are spelled, pronounced, and used. Then try our edugames, games that are fun and educational at the same time. There is also an article or two on the problem of spelling in English which are both authoritative and amusing. Just remember: misspelling words is not your fault—English has one of the worst spelling systems of any language on Earth (see The Chaos below).