Corrections of the Phobia List

How we Corrected the Words we Found

We have searched the major online dictionaries for words on -phobia, -philia, and -mania and have added legitimate derivations from that list. The suffixes in our series, -phobia, -philia, and -mania should be preceded either by an o or an e, rarely i or y; Greek allowed no other vowels and no consonants in this position. Since these semisuffixes are Greek, they should be combined only with Greek words. However, we have left some Latin-Greek mixed compounds in (frigophobia), but words based on constituents from languages other than these two have been culled, e.g. gatophobia, based on Spanish gato "cat", levophobia based on Bulgarian, or Russian levo "to the left" or snakephobia. (While the last form is illegitimate, given the fact that phobia has become an independent noun, snake phobia is acceptable.)

The table below contains a list of some typical corrections we performed.

Word Meaning Problem
levophobia things on the left Russian or Bulgarian stem
snakephobiasnakesEnglish stem
spectrophobiaspecters or ghosts English stem
suriphobiamiceFrench stem
samhainophobiaHalloween, SamhainGaelic; marked as a joke
gatophobiacatsSpanish stem
aquaphobiawaterTypo o/e
liticaphobialawsuitsTypo corrected
siderophobiairon or steelCorrected the meaning
ancraophobiawindRoot not Greek or Latin
lockiophobiachildbirthRoot not Greek or Latin
pteromerhanophobiaflyingRoot not Greek or Latin
scotomaphobiablindness in visual field (?)Root not Greek or Latin
soteriophobiadependence on othersRoot not Greek or Latin
phthiriophobialice Typo corrected
myophobia miceTypo corrected
aglophobiaalgophobiaTypo corrected
thaasophobiasittingTypo corrected
poliosophobiacontracting poliomyelitisTypo corrected
tocophobiamisspelledTypo corrected
spheksophobiawaspsTypo corrected
gynophobiawomenApparent o/e Typo corrected
zeusophobiaZeusZeus is not a Greek stem